The first thing I heard

The first thing I heard was the rattling of the dishes in my cupboards. Then it sounded like a train was rumbling by. And then it started shaking. This was the worse my house has shook since the initial 7.0.

I sat there holding my dogs, wondering if I should dive under the table, when the shaking stopped. And I just sat there numb. I was afraid to move for fear that if I did, the earth would start shaking again. My dogs were so curled into me that you couldn’t see any space between us. I wanted to tell them they were safe now and would remain safe so long as they stayed close. But I didn’t believe that.

I finally found the courage to get up and go check out my birds. As usual, they were less than impressed. They were back to munching and chatting. No big deal for them.

I am so over these quakes. I want the earth to be solid again, to be one of the few things I can count on in this life… you know, the sun will rise in the east and set in the west, if Trump’s mouth is open he’s lying and the earth is solid and doesn’t shake like a bowl of jello.

And those are my thoughts on this new year morning. Now off to Bird TLC to take care of some wild birds in need of rehab. Happy – is that even possible at this point? – new year.