Some things we can also shut down

As the government shut down continues ad infinitum, I find myself thinking of other things that could be shut down without anything near the amount of misery this shutdown is causing to people trying to scrape enough together to feed their family and pay the rent. For instance, what if we closed Congress down?

I know. I know. It seems as though it’s already closed down. Nothing getting down but a lot of hot air blowing around. The problem is that when Congress essentially closes down, they don’t have to work AND they still get paid. When your file clerk in the EPA doesn’t work, he or she doesn’t get paid. And that clerk had no say in the shutdown as opposed to Congress which is enduring a self-inflicted one.

Republicans have always railed against government and what they claim are its inefficiencies. So no one should be surprised that they are the party attempting to completely destroy it. The only real question is whether the Democrats will have the balls and vaginas needed to stand strong and not cave. Because, in case there is any doubt in anyone’s mind, we don’t need no stinking wall! Didn’t need it the last two years. Didn’t need it the last ten years during which time illegal crossings have consistently dropped in number. Don’t need it to keep drugs out because, as every normal person knows, drug lords aren’t idiots. They would need a thousand illegals with a thousand filled balloons in each ones’ intestines to smuggle in as much as they can get in on one flight.

Congress would know this if it was working – or minimally functional. And, in fact, many do know this. If they are Dems, it is what is helping them stand strong against the idiot in chief. For Reps, if they accept what is clearly the truth about drug smuggling, they are pretending they don’t so as not to anger the bully in chief. I believe the correct phrase to describe them would be “lily-livered”.

My biggest fear in all this – that the Dems, true to form, will blink. It’s happened before. It will happen again. We can only pray that this time they aren’t their own worse enemy. Because, honestly, if they don’t stick to their guns on this, I’ll never vote D again.

One thought on “Some things we can also shut down”

  1. Steve Jordan says:

    But, then…. who would you vote for? I agree, but there is no party I can trust. Time for a new one.

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