Quite honestly, if it weren’t for the fun of taking a shot every time he told a lie, last night’s address to the nation by the POS pretending there is a national crisis was as boring as bat do-do.

I mean seriously, how do you make a speech boring in which you are trying to scare the American public into giving you billions of dollars for a useless piece of decoration? How do you make it boring when you are willing to make up any lies needed in order to achieve your goal? You could have said the zombies were approaching or that the “yellow horde” of the last century had found a new way in. You could have claimed ISIS was no longer in Syria because it was now in Brownsville, a town it could not have reached if there had just been a wall. You could have told us that if we didn’t give you the money, you would put Eric in charge of national security or DTJ in charge of conservation. But you didn’t.

Your speech, Mr. POS, was a total bomb. A waste of time and good television viewing. You are truly such a failure.