Mean person = mean leader

Pick Trump or Dunleavy. Either one has shown what a mean-spirited weasel they are by their actions. POS declares a national emergency that he admits isn’t really a national emergency and then goes golfing. The man who claims to be Alaska’s governor – but represents absolutely no one I know – had some outsider submit a budget proposal that would destroy Alaska for years to come in order to avoid taxing Alaskans.

What assholes.

Dunleavy caters to the meanest of impulses in all of us. Give us something for free and we don’t care how much it hurts anyone else. Except we are exactly the ones who will be hurt. Only some Alaskans, so damn determined to never pay for the services they receive, don’t get it. (I’m guessing they are mostly Trump supporters so we shouldn’t look for much intelligence from them.)

Dunleavy promised, during his campaign, to both pay us amazing PFDs AND not hurt education. He lied. Flat out, bold faced, lied. Just like his hero Trump. Doesn’t even mind that his statements about not hurting education are easily verifiable. Like his hero, he presents us with alternative facts and figures the idiots who voted for him in the first place will believe it.

Here’s the truth. His budget will end this state and any aspirations it may have had to being a place out kids will want to stay or our elders will be able to afford to stay. He wants us to believe there is no alternative as though every other state in this union doesn’t pay for services through some kind of tax on its population.

But here we sit, Alaskans who claim to be proud and independent, whining and crying because someone wants us to pay our way as opposed to only paying for those services oil money buys us. What a pathetic group of losers who want only to be cared for without ever doing any of the heavy lifting themselves.

Shame on any Alaskan unwilling to pay their fair share to keep this state moving forward, to keep this state a vibrant place with a future, to keep this state a place with a future. People on welfare aren’t the freeloaders in our society… you are.