It’s just hard

As time goes on and the POS currently sullying the White House continues on his path of racism, hate and billions for billionaires, it gets harder and harder to keep writing about him without just repeating myself. He is a disgrace to this nation. He is probably a Russian agent on some level. He’s a racist. He’s a homophobe. He’s whatever he thinks his base wants him to be at that moment. He’s destroying the checks and balances so carefully written into our Constitution. He’s already destroyed America’s reputation in Europe. After the name he called African countries, I’m guessing he’s not their favorite either. He started a trade war with China so we’re probably not friendly with them anymore. He thinks the head of North Korea – that rotund, strange looking, almost human who has kept his country poor and starving to keep them in line so he can rule the way POS wishes he could – is his friend.

Yep, all that and more – think trying to interfere with the Russian probe, calling judges racists, dissing the FBI, believing Putin over our own intelligence agents – makes it harder and harder to keep his feet to the fire since it’s clear the fire doesn’t bother him at all. Which is a good thing considering where he will probably spend eternity…

At any rate, it is only the exhortations of Steven Colbert that hold my spirit up and keep me on track. Donald Trump is not a normal president. What he does should never become part of a normal presidency. Hiring your children, enriching yourself, screwing the country day in and day out – none of this should become normal for us and yet… and yet. After awhile, it feels as though I am just writing the same things over and over and over. And over and over and over, the POS currently sullying the White House continues to repeat his behavior while ratcheting it up with each repetition.

I long for the days I could at least sometimes feel a modicum of hope, a flash of joy, a trifle of happiness when turning to the daily headlines. But I fear that day is still pretty far off. And for now, I have to just force myself to continue to rail against the horror our country is enduring and hope that our Congress can find the balls to stand up to him and protect our way of life.