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Why is anyone surprised?

I am always amused at the shock expressed by the media every time the rich are exposed as being privileged beyond what us mere mortals can imagine. Many of us aren’t shocked at all.

You see, most Americans (who aren’t Trump supporters) figured out a long time ago that the game was stacked against them. The rich are different from you and me and that difference is glaringly obvious in just about everything they do and say.

When you fly, you pray that the seat will fit your body, the person in front of you won’t put the seat back down, the plane won’t be stuck on the runway with you a virtual prisoner for hours on end, that the plane will take off at least somewhere near its scheduled departure so all your connections aren’t blown… I could go on, but you get the picture.

When the rich fly, they just ask the pilot to get their plane from the hangar and take them where they’re going. They always have first class seats because they are the only ones on the plane. They never worry about connections or whether their luggage will arrive with them. They get on the plane and are pampered as much as when they are on the ground in their mansions.

So finding out that some rich people used their wealth to get their less than bright children into school is hardly news. What did you expect? That they would compete with poor people for a slot? That their kids would actually have to sweat their SAT scores? That there was any concern that mommy and daddy couldn’t buy them admission to whatever school they wanted?

Granted this current scheme is a bit crasser than in the past when rich people just bought a science building or a library or a stadium and slapped their name on the side. It guaranteed that their progeny and their progeny’s progeny would always get admitted even if they didn’t break 1000 on the SAT – because seriously, do you really think that POS currently sullying the White House scored over 1000? He was probably lucky to hit 900.

So we now have more proof to add to the other blatant truths about the rich being different. They own everything in this country from government to universities to the entertainment industry. Their feelings of superiority are on display for all to see. Even people who really shouldn’t pretend to any superiority – really, Lori Loughlan who’s biggest hit was playing Aunt Becky on one of the dumbest sitcoms to ever hit the airways thinks her offspring are better than ours? Based on what genetic evidence? Hell, based on whatever evidence at all beyond being wealthy?

I don’t know where this all leads but I do hope that Americans have finally figured out that the rich are always going to have advantages that us common folk will never know. So stop being so surprised every time this fact causes a headline in the news. Because this is just the tip of the iceberg of privilege that money buys you here in America.