College admissions scam

Here’s what I find most disturbing about this whole thing – seeing just how shallow, spoiled and thoroughly obnoxious the children of rich people can be when they think they’re getting away with it.

Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade not only bragged about not particularly caring about ever making it to a college class, but she also admitted that she rarely made it to high school. What a bratty piece of shit.

And where were her parents? How does your daughter skip high school and you don’t notice… or is it that you don’t care? Surely if you ever made it to a PTA meeting, someone might have mentioned not seeing your daughter in class all semester.

And this high school drop out had enough promotional contracts from her You Tube channel that she was easily becoming someone many other young women like and emulated. And isn’t that just what women need? – a role model who mocks education and lives on looks and as much stuff as she can get for free.

All of the people involved in this scam are truly horrible people on so many levels. Posing your daughter in a boat so it looks like she knows how to row and has been on a team? Having someone take your child’s SAT because they are just too damned dumb – or don’t give a crap – and so can’t pass them? So like any good parent would do, you cheat for them?

I’m willing to bet this is how Trump got into college and how Jared got into Harvard. So you can see the problem here – crap in, crap out. You can’t ask college to take human beings you have spent 18 years turning into spoiled and privileged brats and ask it to make them decent human beings in four years. I repeat – crap in, crap out.

As for Olivia Jade, the only difference between her and Momma June is about 100 pounds. Other than that, they are both ignorant, uneducated losers who offer the world hubris, shallowness and inanity… though there is every chance Momma June earned her high school diploma by actually attending classes and Olivia will spend most of her life getting Botox injections and face lifts.