It has now reached the level of gibberish

Is no one in power concerned about the fact that the POS currently sullying the White House is now simply spouting gibberish without even an attempt at coherence?

I listened to part of one of his rallies recently – and I do mean “part” because it took but a few minutes before I found myself screaming at the crowd. Can they all be complete idiots or are they intelligent people who just enjoy a good show? I’m hoping for the latter but fear for the former.

So as best I can tell, a Trump rally is full of the level of hero worship last seen by crowds of Germans with Hitler. The crowd is all dressed rather colorfully with some women of a certain size squeezing into tops meant for someone three sizes smaller. But they seem to wear enough makeup to draw you attention away from their bulging flesh. The men wear pants that zip up right above their crotch. Then there is a mile of shirt over an ocean of stomach leading up to a face full of hate and rage.

And finally, POS appears. He starts whipping up the crowd with the most insane non sequitors you can imagine. It’s not so much a speech as it is a stream of conscience thought and those thoughts are both incoherent, racist and absurd all at the same time. It’s somewhat amazing to watch until the fear hits that these people might help this racist, sexual pervert win a second term.

Quite frankly, I am frightened for America. POS and his ugly following have destroyed the reputation of this country and made it a laughing stock all over the world. I’m not sure how many decades will have to pass before we regain a position of respect – or maybe we will just become Britain Across the Pond – living in the shadow of our former glory days.

2 thoughts on “It has now reached the level of gibberish”

  1. Royce Alden says:

    Did you watch the thing on TV last night about his tour of George Washington’s home. He thought the room were too small and the docent said that President Macron and wife knew more about Mt. Vernon, than POS.

  2. Beverly Metcalfe says:

    Thank you!

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