The rule of law

Stephen Colbert asked a very interesting question to Cooper Anderson last night. He asked what would happen if the Supreme Court ruled that Trump had to release his tax returns and he still refused to do it. Cooper replied that we would then be dependent on good people in his administration to resign in protest until such time as he was forced to comply. In other words, we are screwed.

First of all, for those who have been living under rocks for the past two years, there are no good people in this administration. And there are few good Republicans in Congress. So hoping they will stand up to him and force him to turn over his taxes is like hoping Tinker Bell will show up tonight, sprinkle me with fairy dust and let me fly away with the lost boys. Ain’t gonna happen.

So this is where America ends. Hoisted on the petard of a racist, misogynistic asshole whose respect for the law has been suspect since his first foray into the public limelight. A country that has depended on each of its leaders to respect and obey the law as the very foundation of our governing philosophy will be undone by an amoral, amorphous blob.

Somewhere deep inside that black hole, our Forefathers weep.