Every once in awhile I get a craving for something called Scrapple – not Scrabble the word game but scrapple the product made of all the disgusting leftovers after an animal has been butchered. Disgusting though the ingredients might be, the result is a wonderful breakfast meat that just needs the right cook to know how to crisp it on the outside and keep it soft on the inside – and that cook, thanks to my dad, is me.

So I ordered some. And FedEx delivered it. They delivered it in a package so well wrapped that it was impossible to find any gap in the tape to start the un-peeling process. So I got out a butcher knife and a scissors. And I chipped away little by little at the corners hoping to find a way in.

It took me 15 minutes but I finally got into the package. Only to find another layer of packaging only slightly less challenging. Got through that and – lo and behold – another layer of packaging. Honest to goddess, at this point I thought I was going to find out that FedEx accidentally sent me our nuclear codes or, at a minimum, the real transcript of that perfect Ukraine phone call.

No real moral to this story. Just needed to tell it. Don’t know why.