I guess I’m just confused

So Orange Peel admits he made the call, releases a transcript that corroborates the whistle blower and now numerous respected diplomats have confirmed it. So what the hell? Why are we still holding hearings in which witness after witness admits that Orange Peel was strong arming Ukraine’s president? Why is not the simple fact of racketeering and bullying threats that put our allies in danger enough to declare that Orange Peel is not fit to be president?

Funny, in a sick kinda way. We always knew he wasn’t capable. He can’t read. He can’t pay bills. He can’t reason. And, god help us, on a good day he can neither write nor speak coherently. He has mocked every group of people in this country except for most white men. But if you’re a woman, you’re bleeding out your face. If you have any sort of disability, you are open to ridicule. If you are a minority, you are murders, rapist and killers.

Yet despite all he has done to date, he will probably ultimately get nailed over a phone call. How ironic.,