Hotels love to screw you on prices

Went online to book my annual Vegas trip. Room I found at the Flamingo was $35/night. Cool. For $140 I get to spend four fun filled days and nights losing my shirt at the slot machines.

But wait. There’s more. What’s this? Oh yes, that pesky resort fee – you know, the one they charge you for all those amenities they tout in your room and for which you foolishly thought you’d paid when you paid for the room. Suddenly my bill doubled as the resort fee also came to $140.

Do hotels realize that my anger wouldn’t be quite so visceral if they just charged me the friggin’ $70/night? Instead, they make it look like they are giving me a deal and then they pull the rug out from under me with add ons. Just once I wish that big corporations were not in it only to screw us as much and as hard as possible. Sometimes capitalism sucks.

And people wonder why I prefer to stay in my house with the blinds drawn…