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Why do I do this to myself

Maybe it’s out of boredom. Or maybe it’s still the Catholic school girl inside me. Or maybe I still feel like a kid taking orders from an adult every time my computer tells me to upgrade.

Let me be clear. I love that Apple sends out automatic updates at no charge. I really do appreciate it. But here’s the thing. I never can figure out what wonderful thing the update did for me. On the other hand, I am very aware now of all the programs that won’t run on my computer because of the upgrade.

Actually, the only one that bothers me is the Big Fish game app. Even their Mac specific games won’t run on the new whatever it is I just installed.

So here’s the thing, Mac people. When you send out a new upgrade, be sure to warn us about all the bad things that can happen. Or maybe at least tell us of one good thing. Because right now I really, really want to play a Hidden Object game but I can’t.

Someone at Mac headquarters needs to deal with this immediately.