I thought what I wrote about Mike Bloomberg would get me a lot of heated responses defending the other candidates who have been campaigning since Christ was a child. But I didn’t. In fact, what I mostly got were people interested in the idea or willing to consider a new candidate because, like me, they could not get any enthusiasm for the current crop of candidates.

For me, at least, the current crop of candidates seems old and tired, offering the same arguments over and over, just changing the words a bit so we won’t notice they are ultimately saying about the same thing.

Mike Bloomberg does not seem to walk that path. And while I will admit that some things he’s done are questionable, I like the fact that if he makes a mistake, he seems to be willing to admit it. Not fussing or dodging. Just a simple, “Yes, I was wrong and learned from it.” I imagine that’s the attitude that’s made him a real billionaire. He admits his mistakes and moves on to correcting them. What a concept for a politician.

I’m going to be spending a lot more time checking this guy out. It’s the closest I’ve come to really being excited about a candidate since Obama. Don’t get me wrong, ultimately I will vote for just about any candidate that isn’t Donald Trump. But I honestly get more excited about voting for someone I think has a real chance to beat Tangerine Man as opposed to voting for someone because I really have no other choice.

Mike Bloomberg – who’d have ever thunk.