Olive Garden stop with the straws

Dear Olive Garden,

Came to see you again. Yep, I admit it. I’m addicted to your bread sticks and salad. What I’m not addicted to is your insistence on bringing your drinks out with a plastic straw already opened and stuck in them.

I can only think of two reasons a restaurant with any sense of anything remotely resembling civic responsibility would do this. One is that they are totally unaware of a Texas sized lump of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean that will be there long after our planet has flamed out. The other is that the owners are just so damned rich they figure they will have enough money to survive and enjoy life no matter what they do to the planet the rest of us live on with them.

So what is it, Olive Garden? Stupidity or greed? What is the reason you don’t give your customers a straw still in its wrappings so they can decide if they want to use it or not. Better yet, start using biodegradable straws. Or, and I throw this out there as just a possibility – how about you clean your glasses well enough that we don’t have to worry about dying from some horrible disease if we drink directly from them.


A customer who likes your salad but also likes her planet