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If you don’t like Joe Biden because he isn’t Bernie Sanders then you have my sympathy. Up to a point. And that point is where you stay home and, out of spite, don’t vote for the Democratic candidate – whoever it might be. And let’s be real, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Biden is going to get it.

Do I like Biden? He doesn’t do it for me on any level. But that no longer matters. What matters is that unless the Dems get their shit together over the candidate that wins the nomination, we will be looking at four more years of the horror of the past four years. In fact, we may be looking at much more than four years because I don’t put it past that Rotting Orange to declare himself president for life. And don’t fool yourself into thinking that the Republicans won’t back him up if he does. In case you haven’t noticed, he owns their balls. I’d say vaginas too but there aren’t enough of them in the Republican congress to matter.

So the Republican eunuchs in Congress will never stop the Orange Horror. The only way he is stopped is if we all bite the bullet and vote for whatever Dem gets the nomination. And while it doesn’t matter so much to me anymore given that I am definitely in that state of life called extremely advanced middle age, it should matter greatly to the young people who support Bernie. They are the ones who will live the rest of their lives with the aftermath of this election. If they turn out and vote for the Dem, our country may hold a future for them. If they don’t vote – well, good luck with the future. It will suck.

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  1. Bev Metcalfe says:

    Great reminder for many of us right now. Thx. Elise…….we would really enjoy having you as a speaker at the Bartlett Club in April or May. ❤️

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