What is wrong with this picture

So we have Mike Pence in charge of America’s corona virus response. How adorable. A man with no scientific background who believes you can pray the gay away is going to save us from a pandemic. Why doesn’t this make me feel safer?

I do have some questions for our new Chief Medical Person – questions that have nothing to do with the obvious one of how someone with no scientific knowledge gets to censor the results of real scientists in giving the official government response.

My first question is how will we separate the men and women so they can be tested and then pray together if they are infected?

Also, at what age does a girl become the kind of woman who can’t be in the same room with a man to whom she is not married? Does that happen at puberty? Whose puberty – the boys or the girls? Does it happen at 18? 21? Or like Obama care, are you safe until you’re 26?

Here’s another question. Can both males and females get the same vaccine or do we have to make separate batches so they don’t contaminate each other?

And finally, if praying the pandemic away doesn’t work, does Pence have a back up plan that involves anything that once was actual science and, if not, should we all just bend over and kiss our asses goodbye now?

Given global warming, viral pandemics and the Pence/Trump School of Fools, I’m starting to root for the virus. It’s quick. You get good drugs while you die. And you never have to look at Pence’s stupid face again.

We are so screwed.