We can only hope

I realize this is a terrible thing to write or say but… I hope Orange Peel gets the corona virus. I don’t want to hope he dies since that goes against all those supposed Christian virtues I learned as a child. But I kinda do. At a minimum, I want him to get very sick because that seems to be the only way we can get this piece of shit to take this outbreak seriously and do something about it other than lying to us.

Orange Peel claims he’s going to continue to hold his rallies because he doesn’t think this is a big deal. Go for it, Orange Boy. May you and all your supporters show up at these rallies and may you all shake a million hands and give a million hugs. Then go back to your horrible, racist, hateful families and infect them too. After all, if your glorious leader says it’s safe and all just fake news, then that must be true, right?

You know how god supposedly once sent a flood to cleanse the earth of the hideous people inhabiting it? Maybe that same god sent this virus to eliminate all the horrible people who support the Rotting Orange and his administration.

Oh, Oh… please let Orange Ass kiss Betsy DeVos while he’s at his most infectious. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

One thought on “We can only hope”

  1. GINA ZECCARDI says:

    I never saw this coming. Your hatred for so many is so sad. I saw you as a woman of courage and adventure who loved her family. What happened Elise? Some people in our age group reflect on all the fine and wonderful times and people in our past. Is life so ugly now we have to use such hateful words every chance you get?

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