Let us talk of the corona virus

I am one of those people in a demographic that promises I will die almost instantly if I get near anyone with the corona virus on them. I mean, I’m really IN that demographic. Solidly, unequivocally, and completely within it. In fact, I am in it times three.

I am slightly over 60. Ok, slightly over 65. Ok, fine! I’m slightly over 70 and that will be the last word on that. As for underlying health issues, well there is where I really grab the gold ring. I have not one, not two but three underlying health conditions that guarantee death if I merely hear the words corona virus spoken.

So you might think this is horrible. And it kinda is and kinda isn’t. It is to the extent that going to my favorite bakery has now become a life and death dash from house to car to store to car to house to vast quantities of soapy water. It isn’t to the extent that I now have the perfect excuse for the self isolating I do anyway. Now, if people ask why I go days with little to no actual human contact and still remain almost normal, I can simply say corona virus and I need say nothing more. Before the virus, this question often led into dead end conversations from which I had no idea how to exit.

I am sorry for all the havoc this virus is releasing on the world. But I kinda like being able to live my life as I want to live it without being questioned and second guessed. It’s more fun that way. So consider me self-isolating from the virus for the next few years after which I’ll come up with another excuse.