Dr. Fauci should save his breath

Everyone I have spoken to this holiday season – friends, family, acquaintances – all are continuing on with their holiday travel plans as usual because – as they assure me – they know how to travel safely.

So I guess the lesson we learn from this is that everyone I know is smarter than the average American Fauci was addressing when he cautioned against holiday travel. Because they have all assured me that they know how to travel safely. Wow. If only the rest of America had asked for their advice on this, everyone could be traveling.

Americans – we will not give up even a smidgen of our comforts. If there is one American quality that stands out above all else this Christmas, it is the absolute selfishness of those traveling despite the pleas of everyone familiar with the disease.

Congratulations, America. We can now affirm that being selfish is our main national characteristic.

One thought on “Dr. Fauci should save his breath”

  1. Carolyn McClintock says:

    Isn’t that the damned truth!

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