Trump as American dictator

Despite my feelings about Donald Trump, I do believe that our democracy is the best form of government we can have. And voting is critical to that government surviving. So, if he’s your candidate – the person you think can solve the problems we face today in a way acceptable to you, then go for it. And if, instead, Biden holds the values closest to your own, then vote for him. Just get out there and vote. It’s what has made America great.

But when I see interviews with Trump supporters who express that they are comfortable with his statement that he wants to be a dictator, well, you start to lose me. When he has dinners with leaders who have destroyed their countries’ attempts at democracy by being strong men dictators who jail or murder their opponents, I get very nervous. And when his lawyers argue in front of the Supreme Court that he can kill a political opponent while president and be immune from all prosecution, well, I get downright hysterical. Given the joke that is currently our Supreme Court, I can see Clarence Thomas writing the majority opinion supporting his claim.

People who support a dictator in America clearly never had the kind of education that explains our government, how it works, and what makes it so amazing. Of course, this goes back to the need for a strong public-school education so that even the dimmest among us will understand that America is not meant to have a dictator from any party. But once again we seem to be stuck with a governor for whom a good education is meant only for the rich, while the rest of us should be content to take the menial jobs for which our limited public education has prepared us. Not supporting public education is the same as supporting Trump for dictator. And hoping for a job in his administration.

How can any party that calls itself a party of America advocate for the election of a man who has declared his desire to be our once and future emperor. How can the Republican Party endorse a man who wants to not only be a dictator but admires Hitler. We should all be very frightened. We might need to be even more frightened of people willing to sell their souls to support him in the hope of keeping power and money for themselves. This is every Republican who has turned from calling Trump the man who tried to overthrow America on Jan. 6 to supporting him in his new run for president. Their lust for power and riches is disgusting and horrifying at the same time.

What has happened to this country? We have Christians willing to vote for Trump if he will turn us into a Christian Afghanistan regardless of his total distain for anything a real Christian stands for. We will put you and your doctor in jail if you exercise your right to control your own body, so long as you are a woman. If you are a man, here’s cheap Viagra. Go do what you will.

Christianity of the worse kind has taken over the Republican Party. They not only are willing to overlook Trump’s history – has he ever gone to church, prayed or treated any woman with respect? – but they are also willing to sell our country out to a dictator if that’s what it takes to get their way.

Here’s the thing, though. Not all Americans are Christians. And not all Christian Americans are as insane as the cult of Christianity that surrounds Donald Trump. So just because you are Christian doesn’t mean you will be safe in a Trump dictatorship unless you are the “right” kind of Christian.

I would like to encourage everyone to vote in every election held in this country because it may be the last one you get to vote in. America is going away, and no one is throwing a farewell party for it. But maybe Putin will allow Trump to throw one when he’s president, so long as the songs are in Russian.