Awkward conversations

Awkward conversation number one:

Said to a friend while at dinner. “So I’ve always wondered if your father ever actually sat you down and spoke to you about the fact that he was gay or did he just let the knowledge happen?”

Said by friend’s husband: “Well, now you have confirmation.”

Oops. Continue reading →


Trump’s latest rant

After listening to Trump’s speech post his Mexico visit, I have to say I want to do nothing more than hide under my bed in fear of life and limb.  I don’t know about you but I don’t live in the America he described. I mean, where in the hell does this man get this crap from? Continue reading →

Columns 2016

Spewing hate is not American

My cousins Joe and Mary have three children. The oldest boy is married to an ethnic Chinese woman from Vietnam. The middle son is married to a Pennsylvania farmer’s daughter. The youngest, a girl, is married to an African-American. This is coming to you from a family that, just two generations ago, thought when my Uncle Albert (Italian) married Aunt Jean (Polish), the world was spinning slightly off its axis.

When I read about the interracial couple who were stabbed because they kissed in public and some racist thought that was just too much to ask him to bear, my Continue reading →


Do they even hear what they are saying?

Am I the only one sick and tired of hearing people say they are supporting Trump but when you ask them what they support, all they can mumble is that he’ll shake up the establishment? Ask them about any specific Trump policy and they respond that he doesn’t really mean to ban all Muslims or build that wall. He’s just saying that. So they are basing their whole support of him on the premise that he won’t do any of the things he’s campaigning to do. Dear lord… even pretzels don’t twist that much. Continue reading →