One more time with feeling, guys

So for those of you men out there worried that the mere accusation of sexual misconduct will ruin your reputation and career – welcome to the world that women have occupied for so long we don’t remember when it was any different. No matter what the scenario, if a woman and man were caught in an inappropriate sexual liaison of any kind, the woman was a whore, a temptress, a bitch who lured that poor man in knowing he was not responsible for controlling his sexual desires. Whether you were a queen – check out the history of countries like Continue reading →


God how I miss them

Did you see the video of Biden and Obama in the bakery run by military vets? My heart broke with longing for the decency, respect, kindness and honor they brought to their positions – none of which the current POS sullying the White House does.

I mean, seriously, POS thought he needed ID to buy groceries. Does this not tell us all we need to know about his connection to the “common” man – you know, the guy his newest tax scam will again leave out in the cold while providing billions to billionaires. Yep, in case you missed the Continue reading →


Excuse my French but oh boohoo

Doesn’t your heart break for all these poor men being accused of sexual misconduct? After all, some of them would argue that there is a vast difference between grabbing ass and rape. And it seems as though the mere mention of accusations, whether proven or not, is enough to cause you to lose your job and the respect of the world. Men are horrified that women have turned on them like this. Many men think they were just flattering you when they tried to kiss you or put their hand way up on your leg or patted your bottom. Is Continue reading →


Now I really need to rant

And no, it’s not about Orange Goo or his ridiculous tweets. No, today I’d like to rant about naked women.

I am grateful that we are passed that time in history where women were considered secondary citizens whose sex vibes would send any man into a frenzy thus necessitating that women cover up everything. Because, as we all know, a man can’t be held responsible for his sexual impulses if a woman is such a slut as to wear a mini-skirt.

We’ve thankfully gotten beyond that. Women can now wear as much or as little as they want. I just Continue reading →


Merit based immigration

So the POS currently sullying the White House thinks we should have only a merit based system of immigration. Under that system, none of my grandparents would have ever been admitted to this country. They were illiterate and poor. But they came with determination and ambition. They came wanting to make a good life for themselves and a better life for their kids. They brought an amazing work ethic, a belief in the dream of America and pizza. America is better for their presence and the presence of the millions of immigrants who came with nothing but a dream and
Continue reading →

Universal health care explained for idiots

There are apparently some who think universal health care is a plot to turn us all into socialists. Quite frankly, you are better off looking to the bromance between Putin and Orange Goo to find that.

Some of the arguments you hear most often against universal health care are that if government takes over health care it will fuck up a perfectly functional system and it will cause us to have to wait in line forever to be seen.

The first thing is just laughable. If this is a perfectly functioning health care system, then why are so many people Continue reading →


Ah Alaska in the summer

Depending on where you live in Alaska, summer can be full of fishing or seal hunting or goose hunting or getting that moose for the winter. In all those scenarios, two things are a constant. One, summer in Alaska involves killing something. Two, who the hell knows what the weather may actually be like? And given the fun that global warming brings, you never know from one hour to the next whether it will be cold, hot, warm, rainy, cloudy, windy… and usually, on a good Alaska summer day, you get all three in the space of about four hours. Continue reading →


I don’t usually endorse a candidate but…

I make my views on politics known with little attempt to disguise or otherwise obfuscate my feelings about certain topics. But I don’t often endorse a candidate publicly. That’s about to change. There are three candidates running for office that deserve to be elected or re-elected to public office. All three are independent of either of the two major political parties in America today. Maybe that’s why I like them.

First, those deserving of re-election: Governor Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott. Walker has done an amazing job in the face of a recalcitrant legislature that refused to handle our Continue reading →


Way to conduct yourself as president

First – threaten a foreign power in a text in all caps, the professional and appropriate way to send a threat to a foreign power.

Second – the very next day, send out a conciliatory text to that same foreign power

Third – Don’t tell your own staff what you’re doing so that they are continuing a threatening stance while you are being conciliatory. You know, just to keep the world guessing about how truly insane you are

Fourth – congratulate yourself on once again managing to create another crisis to divert attention from the fact that you are a Continue reading →