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Political ethics… more ephemeral than spun sugar

I don’t know about you but I am personally ready to beat on any Alaskan politician claiming to cut the fat from the state budget to make ends meet without offering a single instance of where that fat is.

We are in the middle of a statewide fiscal crisis. Combine the budget gap with the recession and you have a perfect storm for wreaking havoc in the lives of ordinary citizens. Yet our state Senate seems intent on making that situation worse by offering a budget fix that would destroy thousands of jobs, deepen the recession and only be good Continue reading →


You just know he’s laughing

Don’t you think that in a house somewhere in Washington, DC, Obama is laughing his ass off as the Republicans try to undo Obamacare and find themselves at war with everyone over it. I mean, given their rhetoric of repealing it the first chance they got, he’s got to be at least snickering over their abortive Ryancare bill and it’s army of enemies. Continue reading →


Why is it?

Why is it that I get through the fall back time change with no problem but it takes a whole day to adjust to the spring forward? I spent most of yesterday in a daze that had no logical reason – unless it was those brownies. Hmmm… Continue reading →


Attention people who make tv shows

You cannot have a mid-season finale. And you know why? Because the very word “mid-season” tells us there is more to come. Ergo, no finale. It is a contradiction to put those words together. Kinda like saying “compassionate conservative”. Those two words simple contradict each other too. Continue reading →


I tried

So I collected every gross dog toy in the house and washed them because it seems that the dirtiest ones are always the ones the dogs bring to bed at night. I looked high and low to make sure I didn’t miss any. Got everything washed and clean and smelling daisy fresh. Sat down to watch TV and Carm comes running up with the one toy I missed… clearly the dirtiest and grossest of all… that he must have carefully hidden so I didn’t wash its mojo out.
I just want credit for trying.
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A day late but still worth posting

National Women’s Day was yesterday but these women deserve to be recognized even if it’s a day late. This is my mother standing on the far right with her sisters standing next to her and her sisters-in-law sitting in front of them. These women ruled our lives growing up. They were, to put it mildly, a formidable force to be reckoned with if you were one of their kids or any of their nieces or nephews. They had a job to do – raising those damned kids who are driving us all nuts – and they did it very well. Continue reading →

Columns 2017

The two levels of American justice

The question all Americans should be asking themselves at this point is why Jeff Sessions is still Attorney General. Or, to phrase it not so politely, why isn’t Jeff Sessions in jail.

He lied to Congress. He took an oath, swore to tell the truth and then outright lied. He is the top law enforcement officer in our country. His actions should be above reproach. But instead, he lies under oath and then tries to squirm out of it by claiming he met with Russian officials as a member of the Senate and not as a campaign advisor.

It’s hard Continue reading →


Why, Lord, oh why?

It’s official. In order to eat my favorite Korean foods I need at least one Zantac before the meal and four Tums after it. Oh for the days when I could eat spicy food without a full night of regret. Getting old takes more courage than being young ever did. Continue reading →