I have not missed voting in any election I can remember from the time I was first eligible to vote. I grew up knowing that my family came from Italy to make a better life for themselves and that it was America that allowed us to do so. And I was raised to believe I should honor America and what it stood for and voting was absolutely essential to doing that. So I vote every time there is an election.

I’ve never understood the people who don’t vote. Do they really just not give a shit? Do they really think Continue reading →


Guns against rocks

I can’t believe that anyone who believes in America or our common humanity with the world is not horrified that the POS currently sullying the White House is stating that he will meet rock throwing with bullets. What the hell have we become?

These are asylum seekers walking – WALKING – thousands of miles to try and find some peace and freedom. How do we expect our soldiers to look at those unarmed people and fire their guns? How do we expect our soldiers to hold on to any hope of being honorable and decent human beings if ordered to Continue reading →


The media is as much to blame

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to see any coverage of another Donald Trump white racist rally. They are all the same. I’ve seen it before. And that POS revels in the publicity it gets him. So the question has to be asked: Why does the media still cover this shit?

I understand why Fox News covers it. They are the ones laying out the game plan that leads to all these rallies. Their puppet king is doing exactly what they tell him to do during the 8 hours a day he listens to them. But why Continue reading →


So my parents wouldn’t be Americans

My grandparents came to this country undocumented. All my grandparents. Both sides. No exceptions. Came here illiterate and mostly unskilled. Brought with them nothing more than a desire to make a better life for themselves and the determination to work as hard an necessary to do that.

All their children were born in America before they became citizens. So, under the current POS sullying the White House, my parents would not have been American citizens even though they were born here. And that would mean that I wasn’t an American.

Quite frankly, given who is running (ruining) this country right Continue reading →


Don’t trust Valic. They will screw you.

So here’s a word of warning to anyone who has been as stupid as me and used Valic to invest their money. I have tried now for two months to get my money out from them to invest elsewhere. They have stonewalled me and my new investment banker at every turn. Thanks to their incompetence and stonewalling, I’ve lost almost $3000 from the day I requested my money to today. That may not sound like much to some people, but to us little folks still waiting for something other than pee to trickle down, it’s a lot.

VALIC IS AN Continue reading →



We may not be able to vote this hateful, nationalist racist out of office until 2020 but we can vote in a Congress that will rein in his hideous excesses. Give this country the security of a Democratic House and Senate. Or bend over and kiss it goodbye. Because he is destroying us as surely as a hurricane destroys barrier islands. Continue reading →


There are no words left to say

My heart breaks for the victims. My heart is horrified that some of them first faced Hitler and then had to die in a world of Trump’s creation. My heart cries for the country I once thought we were and now doubt ever actually existed.

There are no words. Just one. VOTE!

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It’s a tale as old as time

I have worked with mentally ill populations in one way or another since the late 1960s. This may be why I am a tad skeptical about all the blathering and bleating about the care Alaska provides to this population and all the politicians swearing they’ll do something about it. Because, quite frankly, very little has changed in the over forty years I’ve worked in any field even tangentially involved with the mentally ill.

It would seem as though in 2018 it should not have to be said but I’ll say it anyway. In Alaska, the mentally ill are treated as Continue reading →


Robert Di Nero – really?

So now we pick on actors. That’s what America has come to. The man who went from The Godfather to Meet the Fockers gets a bomb mailed to him. How lame is that?

Look, haters. This is America in 2018. You need to get some better brains in on your schemes because they are juvenile and suck. Who sends a bomb to former presidents without realizing that all their mail is first checked at a site away from the residences? Are these bombers truly too stupid to understand that or too illiterate to read about their security? Or are they Continue reading →