A weekend wrap up

Things happen so fast and furiously in this administration that it’s hard to keep up.

Let’s start with the fire in the Trump building in NYC in which a man died. He died in an apartment he couldn’t sell because… drum roll please… it was in a building with Trump’s name on it. I think that says it all without anything else needed.

Then there is the news that his personal lawyer’s office was raided by the FBI – yes, that FBI, the one he keeps trashing. Lest there be any more proof needed that the POS currently occupying the Continue reading →


So this is what I’m supposed to believe

According to the POS currently sullying the White House, he would run into a school without a gun to save students during a gun attack.

So he tells us he has the balls for that but not the balls to go the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and face a bunch of journalists making fun of him.

Yeah, he has balls… tiny, little ones that make most grapes look huge by comparison.

Gnats have bigger balls than he does. Continue reading →


Just when I thought he couldn’t get much more horrible

So here’s today’s headlines:


  • President Donald Trump reportedly questioned why the CIA had waited for a drone strike target to walk away from his family before killing him.
  • Trump had previously advocated taking out the families of terrorists during his presidential campaign.  

I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised. Family, except of course for Ivanka who he still apparently has hopes of banging one day, means nothing to him. I believe he would throw them under the bus in a heartbeat if it meant saving his own skin. You know that brag he made after the Parkland shooting about Continue reading →


Menopause, the Musical

So if you are a woman of a certain age and live in Anchorage or the surroundings, I strongly urge you to go see Menopause, the Musical.

I went last night and my 32 year old friend Greta was the youngest person there by decades. The audience is overwhelmingly ladies of a certain age and beyond along with the occasional brave male who I think was there to try to figure out what the hell was going on with his wife.

I can remember being in the middle of the worse of menopause. I stood in the doorway of my Continue reading →


My warm, safe place

I grew up in a small apartment over my dad’s grocery store in an Italian immigrant neighborhood of Atlantic City called Ducktown. My bedroom would probably barely qualify as a walk-in closet for today’s homes. It had a radiator that hissed steam and the smell of damp clothes drying on it all winter. There was a small window that opened to a 2 ft. wide alley and then the solid wall of the building next door. For some reason, it had two doors, one to a hallway and one to the living room. I never understood that. And in all Continue reading →


Congratulations, Anchorage

Yep, my city done me proud. Voted down Prop 1 or, as I refer to it, the “let’s codify hate” proposition. And they re-elected Ethan Berkowitz. I mean, seriously, is Anchorage becoming an island of blue in a sea of red or what?

As for the people who put forth the hate prop, please go away. Go back to whatever dark hole from a previous century you came from. Go back to a time when your prejudice, ignorance and hate were the norm. They no longer are. People who may or may not call themselves Christians actually do believe in Continue reading →


Stop me before I do more laundry

It is friggin’ amazing how much work you can fit into a day when you get up at 6:30. So far, I’ve made my doc app’t.; stripped my bed down to the mattress and washed everything; bought a new blanket for the bed because the one I had on the bed had been barfed on by Carm one too many times and I could no longer ignore the smell; mailed my brother his birthday card and gift; pick up my meds; went shopping for groceries; fed all the animals; swept out the bird room like a mad woman; and now Continue reading →


It must be spring

The return of the sun has, as it always does, shown me where all those places are I don’t notice in the winter that have perhaps become a tad dusty and dirty. OK, more than a tad but less than a barrel full.

I am, at best, a reluctant house cleaner. I’ll do the birds room because I don’t want mice to be attracted to their droppings. But beyond that, well, let’s just say I approach the rest of the house with all the enthusiasm I reserve for dental surgery. But then the sun comes out and I am horrified Continue reading →


Here’s the thing about religion as lived by the conservative and evangelical

Here’s my Easter message… the hypocrisy and schizophrenia so blatantly visible in most of the world’s “great” religions are mind blowing for those of us who believe the persons at the center of those religions would find their current incarnations a disgusting bastardization of what they preached.

Christians and Muslims both purport to exemplify a religion of love, mercy and peace. They will then kill you if you don’t agree. You know, just like Jesus would have done.

Since I don’t know many Muslims, this is about evangelical and conservative Christians mostly, though I’m pretty sure there are as many Continue reading →


Jimmy Carter vs POS

Jimmy Carter may not have been the most effective president we ever had but he sure in hell is one of the most decent and honorable. His biggest personal scandal was admitting that sometimes he had lust in his heart. Seriously, his biggest personal failure was to have sexual urges about women other than his wife that he never acted on. Yep, kids, you read that right. Men who are honorable and decent may see a woman they find attractive, may even have a little fun fantasy about her, but they don’t act out every animal impulse that hits their Continue reading →