Another moment brought to you by Alaska

I was at the end of my walk, trudging up my driveway, dogs by my side, totally lost in a daydream in which I marry a very rich man who takes me away from it all… whatever all might be… when I realize my dogs have stopped dead in their tracks and I’m having to drag them. I know it’s not because they don’t want the walk to end. They are happy at the end of the walk because that means their treats are soon to come. So I stop daydreaming long enough to long around at what might be spooking them. I find myself staring into the face of a fairly large moose that has apparently decided to make its bed for the night on my front lawn right in front of my door.

My choices are two. Walk for a while longer and hope he really isn’t going to stay the night. Or give him as much room as possible in walking around him to get to the front door and then get in before he decides to be annoyed.

I chose number two and dragged the dogs along with me, even though they clearly thought number one was the better choice.

The moose never moved except to lazily raise his head for a moment. Apparently I neither annoy nor scare him. He’s comfortable. I’m now inside and comfortable. My dogs have had their walk and their treat and are comfortable. And all is right with the world here in Anchorage Alaska at my little circle.