Cliff hanging season finales

Let me point out to the producers of such shows as CSI, CSI Miami, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles and all the rest of you people out there who think it is appropriate to leave us hanging at the end of each season. First of all, most of us who faithfully watch your show are old and have trouble remembering where we parked the car yesterday. This means expecting us to remember in September the threads of a show seen in May is a largely foolish expectation. Let me add that the plots you are throwing at us are getting so damned complicated, I can’t follow some of the ongoing themes from week to week, let alone from now until Labor Day. Hell, I can barely ever figure out what’s happening on The Mentalist and that Red John thing. And now I’m supposed to keep the plot straight in my head until September. And don’t even get me going about Castle and that woman’s mother being killed and alleys and cops and… or whatever the hell is happening on Hawaii 5-0… OMG! Bring back 77 Sunset Strip. I could follow those plots.