Turns out I’m ok

I woke up yesterday and, per my usual morning routine, headed into the bathroom to check my blood sugar. As I did, I noticed that my left thumb and its base were a mottled, scary looking purple. “This is it”, I thought, “My circulation is shutting down and it’s beginning in my thumb. At a minimum I probably threw a blood clot last night that lodged in my wrist and cut off circulation to my thumb and was now waiting to break loose and head straight for my heart.” I debated putting 911 on notice and thought I’d have my coffee and shower first so that I wouldn’t offend with my smell or attitude. As I opened the refrigerator to get the coffee creamer out I noticed the beet salad I’d made the night before. The purple/red of the beets looked suspiciously like the color of my thumb.

I don’t want to jump to any conclusions here, but I think I may live.