Once again I make something simple into something overwhelmingly complicated

There was a scrape in the new paint on my bedroom door due to pushing one of the birdcages in there in order to achieve some peace and quiet while company was here. I came downstairs to my computer and happily clicked on my very organized list of what paints went where in my house when I repainted and then got the small sample jar of the color listed for my bedroom door and bounded up the stairs to repair the slight damage. As I slapped the paint on the scrape I couldn’t help but notice that it didn’t seem to be blending in as well as it should. So I applied a little more thinking… I don’t know why I thought this would make it better, but I did. It wasn’t until I was heading back down the stairs thinking that when it dried it wouldn’t look so pink against the beige of the rest of the door that I realized I was painting the side of my bedroom door that fronted on my living room and was a totally different color than what was on the bedroom side. So I got the right color and went back up and repainted over the rather large spot I’d created when I initially painted the small scrape the wrong color.

I think I’ll just keep all bright lights off near that door in the hope no one will notice it now looks striped.