Guantanamo Bay

Does that name sound familiar? You remember. Almost twenty years ago we sent people there. Then we locked the door, tossed the key and walked away.

OK, maybe we didn’t do exactly that but damn close. How can we call ourselves a nation of laws if we can put people in a gulag for years without access to counsel or any chance to prove whether or not they’ve done anything to deserve this punishment. And yes, I know about those “trials” that we offered to a select few prisoners while declaring other ineligible for legal counsel.

Yep, I know. These are supposed terrorists being kept behind bars to keep America safe – except for the fact that we will never be able to call them anything but “alleged” terrorists since we’ve never given them a moment in court to present our evidence against them or their defense of their actions.

So what’s the deal, America? Are we just going to keep Guantanamo open until everyone there dies, unable to prove their innocence or guilt? Are we really comfortable with the unending detention of people with no trial, no charges, no proof of anything they did other than what the government tells us. And let’s not forget, this is the same government that insists we cannot have common sense guns regulations in this country because… well, once again I am forced to believe that their penises are all so small that they feel threatened if you regulate their right to really big guns. Given how sensible the government’s take on gun regulations is, I’m not sure I believe anything they say ever.

So what do we do with Guantanamo Bay, its prisoners and their right to some sort of resolution of their imprisonment? Or have we truly become just a Russian puppet state trying to create our own gulags?