A conversation with a bank

Conversation with Wells Fargo

Me:  I transferred money to my son and he hasn’t received it yet

Them:  Since you transferred it after 8pm Pacific time it won’t credit until today’s postings

Me:  I’ve transferred money before, at all hours of the day, and he’s gotten it instantaneously

Them:  Well, that shouldn’t have happened

Me:  How can we make it happen?

Them:  I’ll have to put you on hold

Bad Music

Them:  I’m going to transfer you to our transfer department. (Yes, they really said that). They should be able to recall the transaction, then you can send it again

Me:  Why will that make it transfer faster?

Them:  Because it’s before 8pm Pacific time

Yes, this conversation really happened.  And, the stupid part of the whole thing is, it worked.