And the final flight out

So started out at 10 AM in Laos. Flight delayed two hours. Connection to Bangkok missed. Very nice Lao staff find us in terminal and say they’ll re-book us. Terminal, BTW, is about Barrow size so not hard to find us. Come back and say we’re re-booked on another flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong but all boarding passes have to be reissued and their machine is broken. They are waiting for IT. We get to Bangkok only to be told by airline that they can’t issue our tickets for America. We have to do that in Hong Kong. And oh, they say to my sister, your luggage is only booked to Hong Kong. Did she want it to go all the way to America with her? And just to keep things complicated, you have to go through security every time you change planes even if you don’t go out of the gate areas. And then you go through security again to actually get to your gate. Finally got through it all and sitting at gate in Hong Long when a man comes up and says we went through security too soon. Had to go back out and barely sat down when they told us we could now go through. I may never leave my house again.