The Egg Sitter

So I’m one of those people who DVRs her TV shows and watches them without commercial breaks using her favorite remote button – fast forward. However, no matter how fast you forward, you are bound to see at least the video portion of the commercials.

So last night I was fast forwarding through some show when I noticed the words “egg sitter” showing on the TV as a variety of women put a pillow on a chair, put a fresh egg on the pillow, sat on it and then broke the egg into a cup to prove it was not hard boiled.

Yes, I could have slowed the commercial down and found out what they were really selling that needed a woman who carries around a fresh egg and pillow everywhere she goes. For instance, is she incubating it and has to bring it with her everywhere? Is she cooking it in slow increments every time she sits down and her butt warms it. And if the point is the pillow, why would you put an egg in it?

I decided, in the end, that I didn’t give a damn what the point was. I’m just happy to live in a world where a pillow, an egg and random women can provide some relief and amusement from today’s news,