My Friday

And how did I spend this day when, above all else, I wanted to be nowhere near a tv or radio or Internet? I spent it with two lovely young men emptying every closet in my house as well as the utility room and getting rid of stuff I brought down from Barrow 16 years ago that I have never seen or used since. Can’t believe how much space I have now. Tomorrow, one last closet and then reorganizing the garage with all the stuff we moved into there, all the stuff that needs to go to the dump (one full run already made), one big load for electronics recycling and one huge pile for Shred Alaska. I feel as though I’ve accomplished something and will now go have my reward brownie. And no one, NO ONE, is allowed to rain on the bright light I am seeing by mentioning anything else that may have also happened today.

2 thoughts on “My Friday”

  1. Lee says:

    I am wondering where you got the nice young men! 🙂

    1. Elise Patkotak says:

      Boyfriend of a friend and his friend. Luck of the draw.

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