Birds and dogs

I never leave my parrots and dogs alone together if the birds are out of their cages. I do this because I don’t ever want there to be an “accident” in which a bird loses to a dog’s teeth. I thought I was protecting the birds.

So yesterday I’m cleaning bird cages and Wilson, my conure, climbs to the top of his cage while the door is open. As I take my head out from his cage where I was cleaning the inside, my first thought was that Nayla was too close and too interested and I needed to keep an eye out until I got Wilson back in his cage. Even as these thoughts were running through my mind, I saw Wilson practically leap down the side of his cage screaming at the top of his lungs… and conures have a scream that can be heard across oceans… right into Nayla’s face. I don’t know if he scared her more or startled her more, but Nayla came as least three feet off the ground and then ran into my office like the hounds of hell were chasing her. At which point Wilson calmly climbed into his cage as though his work was done and now he could relax.

And this is why my life is never boring.