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Religious right attempts to curtail equal rights for all Anchorage citizens

I’m not sure when the idea of equal rights became so scary to a very conservative portion of the Christian right, but it has. And so a petition has been filed with the Anchorage City Clerk’s Office to get the question of equal rights for all Anchorage citizens on the ballot. This ballot measure would be an attempt to take away equal rights from a certain portion of our population that the Alaska Family Action group, headed by Jim Minnery whose wife spearheaded the petition, doesn’t like.

That’s right, I said doesn’t like. Because under all those flowery words of Continue reading →


Am I the only one who is just bored at this point?

Once again some Kardashian has shown up in public with see through clothing and it comes up on my news feed for some reason. This is not news. In fact, given the amount of nudity they have displayed over the years, this is actually just boring. We’ve all seen their tits and ass and vagina. I have all those things too. So if that’s all they have to offer, why does anyone still give a crap when they show up somewhere half naked. Have they no other talents or assets to offer this world? Just please make it stop. Continue reading →


Living with chaos

How can this country survive with a White House that is constantly in chaos? And to make matters worse, there are rumors that President Senility is thinking of replacing Jeff Sessions with Rudy Giuliani. If there was ever an apt example of jumping from the frying pan to the fire, this is it. Continue reading →


Goodbye, Sean

Ah Sean. We’ll miss you. Not as much as we’ll miss Melissa McCarthy’s dead on spoof of you but still… we’ll miss you. Godspeed in finding a place to cleanse your soul of the filth you’ve been wallowing in the past six months. Don’t despair. Someday you’ll feel clean again… maybe. Continue reading →

Columns 2017

It’s treason… plain and simple treason

Am I the only one who wonders just how far the Republican Party is willing to go in selling out America so it can remain in power? Am I the only one disgusted by the total silence emanating from that party’s leaders over the actions of the current occupant of the White House and his family?

Remember how many hearings they held over Hillary’s emails and what they considered her mishandling of Benghazi? Despite the fact that exhaustive examinations of both issues by a variety of panels found no indictable offense, they kept holding hearings trying to smear her. They Continue reading →


Ah senility

Things you hate to see your dog do… I have a ramp in front of one of my couch chairs because Carm can no longer jump up on the couch. The other day, my friend wanted to sit in that chair so she pushed the ramp off to the side so that it no longer was even near the couch. Carm promptly climbed up it, got to the top and was totally stunned to not find a chair there. He just stood there looking around as though he was trying to figure out what had happened. He never did figure Continue reading →


So if Hillary…

So if Hillary sent Chelsea to meet with Russians to get dirt on Trump, the Republicans want me to believe that they would have been absolutely silent about it and not demanded that she be immediately impeached and sent to jail. Yeah. Right.

How much of America are Republicans willing to destroy to get their way? Seems like they have no bounds on how far they will go in ignoring basic decency and morals in order to have power. Sad. Continue reading →

Columns 2017


My first summer visitors arrived last weekend. They arrived amidst the rain and clouds that have defined the summer in Southcentral so far. Of course, we’ve had our occasional sunny days. But they have been far outweighed by cool temps and rain since the beginning of June.

I realize that this weather is a bummer for many Alaskans who view the summer as their chance to squeeze six months of outdoor fun into two months of possible sunshine and above freezing weather. My heart goes out to them as they attempt to grill in a downpour, fish in weather making Continue reading →


Amusing yourself, Alaska style

To amuse yourself Alaska style, take your summer guests to the Independence Mine at Hatcher’s Pass. But to do so, don’t use the paved road out of Palmer. No, use the unpaved, dirt and gravel road with no side rails to protect from the fall down the side of the mountain when you have to squeeze past another car that you get from driving there via the road that starts at Willow. The drive up to the Pass will make them get very, very quiet. And the look of joy on their faces when they see a paved road out Continue reading →