I wonder when they’ll wake up

All of Trump’s supporters seem to have some kind of blindness to his actual acts. How do you support someone who claims a right to grab a female’s pussy because he’s famous? Would your husband continue to support him if he grabbed your pussy? Or would he still drink the Kool Aid? And if you had a child in a mixed race marriage, how would you feel about Trump’s support of nazis and other racists? Do you think your relative would escape the Apocalypse that Trump and his racist buddy Bannon would like to start? Or go back to the days that Roy Moore claims were America’s best… you know, the days before slaves were freed or women could vote… those days.

What a pile of steaming crap this man is selling to America. Thank god his popularity ratings consistently show that the vast majority of Americans have caught on to his bullshit and have turned their backs on him. When will you?