No, I did not listen to it. The sound of his voice makes me want to start cutting myself. The snippets I’ve read haven’t changed my mind on this POS. And I think the look on Melania’s face as she stood in the audience tells me that she is not a happy camper at all. Waiting to see how long before she moves back to NYC.

We have got to take back the Senate and House. This disgrace to our country simply can’t continue. Continue reading →


Can’t do it

Can’t listen to tonight’s speech by the POS currently sullying the White House. My ears are too sensitive. I fear they would start bleeding before he finished his first pack of lies, let alone his second and third.

Nope, I think I’ll just watch Big Bang reruns and dream of the time when we actually had a literate, intelligent gentleman as our president. It seems so long ago… Continue reading →


I did not know this

Apparently the POS currently sullying the White House was not invited to Davos. He just went because he wanted to. Suddenly I have a lot more respect for Davos. Even they know he a fool. Yep, rich apparently doesn’t cure stupid. Continue reading →


Ah, earthquakes

You know you’ve lived in earthquake territory for too long when you can’t find the enthusiasm or energy to wake up during a 7.9 earthquake. I woke up, tried to figure out if the house was really shaking that badly or was I just still dreaming, saw the dogs still sleeping around me (they hadn’t even skipped a snore), figured all was ok and went back to sleep.

Now I’m thinking my dogs may not be the early warning signal I thought they were. Continue reading →



News that the POS currently sullying the White House had an affair with a sex worker is a surprise to no one except, apparently, his wife who has suddenly changed her plans to travel with him to Davos. One must ask what she expected when she married him? Is she the only one who actually didn’t realize the deal she’d made with the devil? If she played loyal, supportive wife then he would see that she lived in a house of gold with never a financial worry again in her life. She just had to shut up, swallow whatever horror Continue reading →


Here’s why

Here’s why Republicans are so against immigration… they know that most of those immigrants are way smarter than they are and they fear that they will be shown up as the idiotic dolts that they are. Also, they fear that their children will inherit their stupidity and end up being ruled by a Congress and president with an immigrant background… oh wait – if they aren’t Native Americans then the current congress IS made up of the children of immigrants. Maybe they figure they got theirs and they will now do everything possible to make sure no one else shares Continue reading →

Columns 2018

The Little Elf is spitting into the wind

Let’s talk pot. And by pot I mean marijuana. I prefer to call it pot because then there is a good chance I won’t spell marijuana wrong every other time I use the word.

I am an openly confessed old hippie. Back in the day when I first used pot, my idea of the munchies involved lots of salt, sugar and fat – fried chicken, French fries and cake, candy or ice cream. There was a time I could eat that at 11 PM and still sleep through the night. Now, I am more apt to munch out on a Continue reading →



Take their recent accidental bomb drill as an example of what will be happening to all of us in the very near future when that Tub of Lard in the White House decides to drop a bomb on North Korea to prove his (very, very tiny) manhood. Helluva way for the world to end – done in by a blithering idiot with a well deserved inferiority complex. Continue reading →