So now we don’t respect the law?

As long as I can remember (and I’m a baby boomer from the very beginning of the boom so I’ve been around for a while) the Republican Party has stood as the party of law and order and respect for the men and women who serve to protect us. Now I find out that the FBI is full of lying sacks of shit who can’t be trusted as far as we can throw them. Yep, the new Republican Party seems to be a party of chaos and misdirection in its efforts to keep Russia from ever entering the front door of the White House. They are clearly willing to throw law enforcement in this country under the bus to keep Russia’s control of the POS a secret. They seem to like it better when Russia goes through the back door to tell that POS currently sullying the White House what to do next on any given issue. That way, apparently, they feel they will have plausible deniability when this whole administration goes to jail.

IMHO, if they don’t take action now to stop the runaway train that is the POS’ current torrent of Twitter crap about law enforcement, then they are equally responsible for the destruction of our government and the bright, shining idea of democracy that our Founding Fathers hoped would create a better way to rule.

What is coming out of the WH is simply unacceptable in any country claiming to be either civilized or a democracy. It is horrifying when you consider that one of our proudest statements has always been that we are a country of laws. I am reminded of… well, gasp… Russia. An oligarch who can say and do anything he wants and the mindless masses bow their heads and hope he doesn’t come for them.

But here in America, we supposedly have a three pronged government for the very purpose of creating checks and balances on the power any one individual can amass in government. The GOP seems to have thrown that whole idea out the window. So long as their overlords are getting the tax breaks, regulation relief and access to wilderness for the purpose of increasing their bottom line, the GOP will remain the spineless wonders that they are. They have lost all control of both their party and the POS they put in the WH.

When America’s obituary is written by future historians, these will be the years they point to as the beginning of the end. The GOP is allowing this orange piece of shit to destroy every rational and decent rule ever created to form a civilize society. Instead of standing as an example of just how amazing and wonderful this country can be, the GOP has accepted the lowest common denominator they could find who would appeal to the basest of our instincts in order to grab power to their advantage.

The Republican Party should be sent to the dustbin of history for its role in the destruction of America.