This was their response?!!!

“A White House spokeswoman commented on the rallies, saying, ‘We applaud the many courageous young Americans exercising their first amendment rights today.'”

Really? That’s what they took from the demonstrations? They sound as though these kids were merely fulfilling a civics class assignment on how our government works. Let me correct that impression if I may. They were not marching as a civics exercise. They were marching for the right to attend class without fear of death from a crazed gunman or an armed teacher who couldn’t shoot straight. They were marching to not die trying to get a high school education. They were fighting to survive a day in school without getting shot.

Yes, they were exercising their First Amendment rights. That wasn’t the point, though. But, as usual, the POS currently sullying the White House has not a clue as to the revolution he has created and that is now happening right under his oh so brown nose from having it up Putin’s ass.

It has been hard this past year to feel anything but dismay and despair as we watched this POS dismantle all those moments that indicated progress forward as a society. Instead, he is attempting to pull us backwards to the days when gays were shunned, the N word was tossed around with impunity and women knew that their place in life was on their knees in front of their man. But these kids are not buying that. They will not be pushed backwards. They will move forward and, if we are lucky, will plow over these pathetic leftovers from a sexist, racist past.

I woke up today and felt better about my country than I have in a long time. Don’t stop, kids. You are truly our only hope. And remember, never trust anyone over thirty… especially is they have strange orange hair and like their daughter just a tad too much.