I never thought I could hate someone so much

POS’ actions today, pulling us out of a nuclear accord that the entire rest of the industrialized world including Russia and China thought was good and worked well, has isolated us to a degree I never thought possible.

I mean, think about it. Russia, China and the European Union are all still in it and don’t plan to pull out. That isolates us from pretty much every industrialized country in the world. We could turn to South America or Central America or Mexico but… yeah,  they’re still mad about the rapists and drug dealers comment and our immigration policy of separating women from their children and husbands from their wives and sending everyone home no matter what danger they face there. Or maybe we could partner up with Africa… oh wait, that’s the continent with all the shit hole countries. Not an option.

And then, of course, there is always North Korea which I’m sure will be thrilled at the thought of curtailing its nuclear program through an agreement with a country led by a man who would not think twice of tossing the agreement in the trash when it no longer amused him.

So we have Israel left . And no offense but what the hell good does that do anyone? Netanyahu set POS up and POS took the bait.

Welcome to the end of America as we know it. It officially died today. Its place will be taken by Europe, Russia and China. We think we’re such big shots that we lead the world and they can’t get along without us. Guess what? They can and they will.

America…. RIP