And here we thought Eric was the embarrassment!

One must seriously question whether or not Don Jr. actually has a brain or whether he’s just a slightly creepy automaton meant to represent the hero of Bonfire of the Vanities.

Not only does he meet with foreign emissaries to influence our election – something any right thinking American would find highly reprehensible and criminal… well, any right thinking American that isn’t a brainwashed, drooling evangelical Christian who thinks only liberals can sin… but he writes about it, talks about it, friggin’ admits it! Does he really think he is American royalty sitting above the criminal justice system so that he can say or do anything he wants? Does he think if he’s convicted that daddy will pardon him so he’ll never go to jail?

Seriously, where is the vein popping rage we would see on Fake Fox News if it were even hinted at that this was done by a liberal or member of the Clinton family? Where are all those right wing America first-ers when the son of their leader is colluding with foreign powers to undermine America’s democracy – or does that not matter so long as its the people you like doing the dirty deed?

Sickening. Just sickening to watch people (who think there is no contradiction in waving the American flag while wearing racist garments and offering the Nazi salute) forgive those who commit treason against the very country they purport to love.

We continue to sink to new lows in this country… whether its the amount of kids we count as just the unfortunate collateral of our gun culture or the acceptance of treason at the highest levels of government. What happened to us, America? How did we go so wrong?