In America, he wouldn’t even get a call of thanks

If that man in Paris had scaled Trump Tower instead to rescue an infant, my bet is that the POS currently sullying the White House would not make time to even call him to thank him. Why? Well, just look at the guy. He’s an immigrant. He’s black. He isn’t rich. He isn’t one of about three actors that support POS. He’s not a lobbyist. And, finally, he can’t offer POS financial improvement for the Trump family because he has no connections.

So you can see where this guy would get no respect from POS at all. On the other hand, anyone who has their own sitcom and expresses admiration for him gets an immediate phone call.

He can respect TV ratings. He can’t respect the raw courage it takes to see something horrible happening and rush in to save someone. Yep, old Bonespurs wouldn’t get that at all.