Pre-existing conditions

In all the fun and fury of Orange Goo destroying relationships with our closest allies… and Canada, for god’s sake, CANADA!… another headline has been lost in the general weeping and gnashing of teeth that anyone with even an iota of sense is doing. And that’s the headline where the current administration destroying our country and everything good in it announced it would not defend the Obama era mandate of the ACA that requires coverage of people with pre-existing conditions.

Yep, listen up all you sick people out there. If you thought trying to stay alive before was hard, wait until they raise your already probably astronomical insurance rates because you have the temerity to think you should live despite the disgrace of having diabetes.

So while we all run around screaming the sky is falling… and trust me, I’m the lead screamer in that group… behind our backs, Orange Goo and friends are slowly dismantling any hope for the average citizen to get decent health insurance coverage.

Maybe it’s just me, but right now the Republican party platform seems to be composed of one plank, and one plank only – “If there is a way to hurt people, a way to punish people who dare to be poor and sick, a way to destroy this planet while we make our beds out of thousand dollar bills, then we will find it and implement it. And then we’ll just laugh at the little people in their misery.”

The Republican party has disintegrated into a party of hateful racists and homophobes led by a wannabe dictator. They put their hand over their heart and sing about how they love America while crapping all over the Constitution if that’s what they have to do to stay in power.

God bless America, as the Republicans would say – so long as we are talking about white, evangelical, rich Americans. They apparently believe that the rest of us deserve all the suffering and misery they can impose.

Viva La Revolution!