I want to be on the Space Patrol

Space Patrol. Sounds like an animated 60s TV series seen on Saturday mornings over your Sugar Pops. But it isn’t. It’s the latest brain fart from the POS trying to turn our attention away from the horrors he is committing at our borders. So the same man who last week said he canceled the war games with South Korea because they were too expensive, now wants to create a whole new arm of the military and claim space for America, and America alone.

I don’t even know where to start with this because it is so damn stupid. I mean, really, really stupid. Let’s start with the fact that there just may be other life forms out there who don’t think space should belong to America. Hell, there’s a few countries here on earth who don’t think that way. They think space should remain a neutral space. Silly people.

Then there’s the fact that NASA doesn’t have enough money to send astronauts to the International Space Station and has to rent space on Russian rockets. Exactly how is the Space Patrol expected to get up there? I mean, I guess I missed where he put a price tag on this and told us where the money would come from.

And then there’s his border wall. He can’t get the money to build that from his own Congress… and god knows, he isn’t going to get Mexico to pay for it. Yet somehow, he wants those poor Joint Chiefs of Staff… many of whom, I’m guessing, never imagined they’d be working for such an idiot… to create this out of nothing. And I do mean literally nothing. The man has no plan. The announcement showed no forethought beyond trying to change the focus of the country from the border horrors.

This man is a fucking idiot and has made us the laughing stock of the world. He praises dictators and declares trade wars on allies. He wants a Space Patrol so he can put on a helmet and go play astronaut since he doesn’t qualify for one physically or mentally. He wants us to watch the squirrels so we don’t see the crying children.

He wants to define reality for us despite the fact that we see reality and it is big, orange, stupid and mean… and his little mini-me AG is right up there with him when it comes to simply being mean for no other reason than that he can’t believe that brown or red or yellow kids can possible be hurt emotionally or psychologically the way white kids can be because… well, they’re the wrong color.

Oh Canada! Oh Canada! You beckon me and I long to respond.