Stephen Miller speaks for the real POS

Everyone seems so horrified that someone as evil as Stephen Miller can be in the White House speaking for this administration while laughing at pictures of children screaming and crying while separated from their parents.

I may be horrified but I’m not surprised. Let me explain.

I’ve know more than one marriage where one partner was a total asshole and the other seemed to be the nicest person in the world. Everyone who knew them wondered why they stayed together given how incompatible they seemed. It took me awhile but I eventually figured it out. They were perfect together because the nice partner actually liked having the asshole partner say those things so he or she didn’t have to. That way, the nice one continued to look like the nice one while letting the asshole get the mean reputation.

Steve Miller is simply the asshole in the partnership with POS. Now, don’t get me wrong, Orange Creamsickle Goo is certainly his own level of asshole. But honestly, I don’t think even he can reach the depths that Miller does if only because he isn’t smart enough to. So POS counts as the nice one in this marriage only in comparison to the asshole in it. It’s as though POS is in the first circle of hell and rapidly moving towards the second while Miller is already firmly ensconced in the final circle of hell. (It’s a damn Dante reference – look it up!)

Yes, the evil emanating from this White House towards anyone or anything that isn’t white is fairly overwhelming. But the true king of that evil was never Bannon or Bolton. It was always Miller. Because pure evil will never take second place so long as there’s a way to destroy whoever is in front of them so they can take that place. If I were Bolton, I’d watch my back very, very carefully.