Just spit in their food

Refusing service to anyone short of Hitler or Goebbels is wrong. Doing so bring us down to the level of those we oppose. This is America. We all deserve to walk into a business and receive service so long as we are acting politely and decently. And yes, this even applies to Steven Miller, though there is no recorded incident of him being decent to anyone who wasn’t a powerful white male.

Having said that, let me add this. If these minions of Melted Creamsickle Goo are dumb enough to go to a restaurant where… let’s face it… there is an excellent chance that at least some of the staff are Hispanic, then they deserve however much spit ends up in their food. And their food deserves to be spit into.

So, let’s smile and serve everyone who comes in for a nice meal with their family. And just remember, the kids didn’t do anything. Don’t spit in their food. Just in the minion’s food.

Bon Appetit!