Two interpretations

So our Secretary of State Pompeo thinks the talks with North Korea were productive and good. North Korea calls them “regrettable”. Well, congratulations, North Korea. Now you know how Americans have felt since that dreadful day in November 2016.

I don’t know about you, but given the choice between believing someone from Orange Goo’s administration versus a mouthpiece for North Korea, I believe North Korea. Yep, in less than two years, this idiotic administration has caused me to believe North Korea over America. I’d say that was a pretty significant shift.

Apparently, the entire world is so engaged in trying to figure out when America went off the rails and became a country led by an idiot that gets cheered when mocking others, that it has no time left to take anything this administration says as truth. In fact, like us, the world mostly believes that when the POS currently sullying the White House opens his mouth, he is usually lying. It’s when he’s caught telling the truth that we all gasp in amazement. Sadly, that happens with extreme rarity.

So everyone who thinks this dumb-ass, tone deaf administration will actually get North Korea to denuclearize itself, raise your hand. Now all of you with raised hands, please try medication for the delusions. For the rest of us, let’s all learn how to say , “Hail Great Leader (Kim Jung Un) (Putin)” because that is the inevitable outcome of leaving foreign policy in the hands of people whose greatest foreign accomplishment so far has been to piss Canada off. Canada!

For Christ’s sake. We are all doomed.