Ah the yellow gown

I’ll admit I have trouble respecting Melania Trump given the deal with the devil she was willing to make for an American passport and penthouse made out of gold. I’ll also admit that when it comes to style and fashion, I’m perhaps not the greatest dresser in the world – unless thirty year old sweatshirts, Costco stretch pants and five year old sandals have suddenly made a comeback. But I also don’t have millions of dollars to spend on any dress I want and stylists begging to dress me. I just have my dogs wondering when I’ll put my pants on to let them out.

This is why the yellow gown Melania wore in England is either an hysterical homage to Carol Burnett’s Scarlet O’Hara sketch or an hysterical homage to Beauty and the Beast. Given her spouse, the second one is definitely more appropriate but the first one is funnier.

For all you young ones out there, google the Carol Burnett Show’s take on Gone With The Wind. If you don’t laugh until you almost pee your pants, then you are either dead or have been reading the news too much and have lost the ability to laugh.

As for Melania, she ended up looking like she was heading in to read a part for a Disney princess fantasy movie. Sadly for her, given the “prince” by her side, she should have stuck to sweatshirts and stretchy pants.

Whoever her stylist was for this, if she continues to dress her for the rest of the trip, I’d be prepared to find her in Russia dressed as a Russian nesting doll.