Excuse my French but oh boohoo

Doesn’t your heart break for all these poor men being accused of sexual misconduct? After all, some of them would argue that there is a vast difference between grabbing ass and rape. And it seems as though the mere mention of accusations, whether proven or not, is enough to cause you to lose your job and the respect of the world. Men are horrified that women have turned on them like this. Many men think they were just flattering you when they tried to kiss you or put their hand way up on your leg or patted your bottom. Is it really worth destroying these men and their careers?

Let me answer that by saying turn around is fair play.  For centuries women have borne the title of slut while men were just having fun. For as long as women have been in the workforce, they have had to put up with this shit while watching the men abusing them getting promoted into better jobs with better pay.  If they complained, it was inevitable that they would be the ones to suffer. They are the ones who wore short skirts. They are the ones who put on earrings. They are the ones who wanted it and now they want to trash the guy who gave it to them.

For far too long it was women who bore the burden of men’s unwanted advances in the workplace. They’d get a reputation for being a slut or being easy or having asked for it. They are the ones who got fired or lost out on promotions if they didn’t go along. They are the ones who were called frigid bitches if they didn’t want to fuck their boss. To this day, in most places in America, when a prostitute is busted, she gets arrested, she goes to jail and her john goes home embarrassed but free.

So seriously guys, tough shit if this is hurting your promotions or the mere whisper without proof was enough to cause you to get fired. It’s been happening to women forever. Maybe a few years of this and you’ll start to understand why women are so damned mad.