You do not want to laugh but… Space Force?

Space Force sounds like it’s the title of a Saturday morning cartoon for kids from the 1960s or 70s. And as an idea, it is both silly and scary.

First of all, the silly part. NASA. No, NASA is not silly. But NASA exists and the word “space” is right there in the title. We are literally re-inventing the wheel. I can only assume this is because the POS currently sullying the White House and his minions in Congress have not yet brought America into complete bankruptcy with their tax break for the rich. So by creating a whole new, and may I add totally unnecessary, branch of our armed forces, they can guarantee that we do end up completely broke. They will become the laughing stock of every person on earth who ever heard the Republican Party claim to be the part of fiscal conservatism. And not only do we end up completely broke, but we end up finally admitting out loud that what we have become above all else is a country of mercenaries ready to fight anywhere, including outer space, if it makes big bucks for the munition makers of the world.

The second part – the scary part – is that we are just assuming that aliens will be hostile forces we must be ready to kill first and question later – you know, not unlike this administration’s policy towards human immigrants. We head to space as a warrior nation, not as a nation of explorers.  We automatically bring with us weapons of mass destruction before even finding out if we might ever need them.

This may just be a suspicion on my part but I’m betting Putin is watching this and giggling over just how successful his plan to bring America down really is now that we have an idiot for president. Ronald Reagan took down the Soviet Union by bankrupting them with an arms race. Putin is taking us down by simply watching us bankrupt ourselves while he has to do nothing more than tell Orange Goo his hands don’t seem half so small in person.