Guns or Peckers

We really need to learn how to laugh about some of this stuff so we don’t want to kill ourselves. And today is a day for that laughter as a man named Pecker makes a deal with the prosecution that will involved testimony against your favorite POS and his myriad porn stars. At the same time, the Education Secretary this idiot put into office is now considering letting schools use federal money to buy guns.

So let’s break this down. First, Pecker… ok, there really isn’t much to say about that other than the fact that it is a perfectly good last name that in this context is unfortunately so unbelievably funny as to be hysterical. Sometime life doesn’t wait for you to make the lemonade out of lemons. It just hands you the jug of lemonade.

But now let’s talk about Betsy DeVos. And here, sadly, the laughter must stop. Is she really as mentally ill as she seems? Is she really as stupid as she seems? Does her IQ even reach the 90s. Does she have this job for the same reason that POS says he gave Sessions a job – because he rewards his supporters no matter how unqualified they are?

In a country in which teachers use their limited salaries to buy school supplies, Ms. DeVos seems to feel that guns should take priority over books and other needed classroom supplies. Putting guns in a school full of kids. What could go wrong?

Does the NRA simply own every Republican in Congress? Do they vote in favor of the NRA position every time because they believe in it or because they have to due to prior obligations? How does the NRA continue to dominate the gun debate when poll after poll shows Americans across the board want stricter controls on guns?

If you think your senator or representative is actually looking out for your best interests, think again. When it comes to guns and violence, the only group they are obligated to is the NRA and munition makers across the country.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we’ve become a country of mercenaries that carries out wars all over the world to keep munitions flowing for their makers. And now DeVos was to put those guns in schools so children can learn from their earliest age that the solution to disagreements can always be found at the end of a gun.

Remember when we use to teach kids about cooperation and working together to solve problems? Remember when we taught science and English? And by that, I mean real science, not the science that gives equal standing to evolution and creationism. Remember all that? Well, we can all now look back on it with nostalgia because guns will be the new math in our schools and duels will be our new method of negotiation.

Welcome to TrumpWorld.